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Re: Repository for the conversion machinery


On Thu, 17 Sep 2015, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

> All I can say is every time I've tried this it's been a nightmare, and 
> when you say "apart from CVS imported revisions" my hair stands on end.  
> And the GCC history is two and a half times the size of the next largest 
> repo I've tried this on.
> If you want to try writing the program to do this data analysis, go 
> right ahead.

A start would be:
svn diff -c50004 | sed -ne \
'/^+++.*ChangeLog/,/^Index/s/^+.*[0-9] *\([^0-9]*[(<].*@.*[)>]\).*$/\1/p'

Sometimes (e.g. for some CVS imported commits) the commit to ChangeLog 
files was done in a different revision than the changes themself (it 
wasn't a very good CVS to subversion conversion), so for that the above 
doesn't find the address (it will be the revision before or after that 
touches ChangeLog, but no other files).  But it's fairly reasonable for 
newer revisions.  Might need adjustments for even different date or email 
address formats.  Feeding it all revisions when you have extracted them 
already should give a resonable estimate for who the real author was.


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