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Re: Git conversion: disposition of old branches and tags

On 09/16/2015 11:15 AM, Trevor Saunders wrote:
ANd it's not just the kids.  As an "old fart" who has used a variety of
mechanisms to manage GCC sources through the decades (including some that
were never officially used), GIT wins hands-down.

and its not just for people who send patches upstream, there's others
who just want to follow progress of various topics running dev builds
and probably reporting issues.
And automated tools that dig into repos (openhub, covscan, etc).

as for ease of use come on I'm sure the emacs backup files have to win
hands down, after all it would be so consistant with how you edit ;-)
And there was a time when that (emacs backup files) was the source control system for GCC. In fact, there was significant resistance to moving from emacs backups to CVS.

seriously though I actually think git is easier to understand than svn,
but that's just me.
GIT is dramatically more complex and takes a bit of time to get used to. I'm certain I don't exploit GIT as much as I could, but I do know it makes classes of problems I have to solve regularly much easier.


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