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Re: dejagnu version update?

On 09/16/2015 10:25 AM, Ramana Radhakrishnan wrote:

On 16/09/15 17:14, Mike Stump wrote:
On Sep 16, 2015, at 12:29 AM, Andreas Schwab <>
Mike Stump <> writes:

The software presently works with 1.4.4 and there aren’t any
changes that require anything newer.

SLES 12 has 1.4.4.

Would be nice to cover them as well, but their update schedule, 3-4
years, means that their next update is 2018.  They didn’t update to
a 3 year old stable release of dejagnu for their last OS, meaning
they are on a > 7 year update cycle.  I love embedded and really
long term support cycles (20 years), but, don’t think we should
cater to the 20 year cycle just yet.  :-)  Since 7 is substantially
longer than 2, I don’t think we should worry about it.  If they had
updated at the time, they would have had 3 years of engineering and
testing before the release and _had_ 1.5.

Sorry about the obvious (possibly dumb) question.

Can't we just import a copy of dejagnu each year and install it as
part of the source tree ? I can't imagine installing dejagnu is
adding a huge amount of time to build and regression test time ?
Advantage is that everyone is guaranteed to be on the same version. I
fully expect resistance due to specific issues with specific versions
of tcl and expect, but if folks aren't aware of this .....
That should work -- certainly that's the way we used to do things at Cygnus. Some of that code may have bitrotted as single tree builds have fallen out-of-favor through the years.

As to whether or not its a good idea. I'm torn -- I don't like copying code from other repos because of the long term maintenance concerns.

I'd rather just move to 1.5 and get on with things. If some systems don't have a new enough version, I'm comfortable telling developers on those platforms that they need to update. It's not like every *user* needs dejagnu, it's just for the testing side of things.


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