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Re: Git conversion: disposition of old branches and tags

On 16 September 2015 at 17:20, Manuel LÃpez-IbÃÃez wrote:
> My impression is that right now one can develop GCC with GIT or SVN (people
> are submitting GIT patches all the time). After the conversion, only GIT
> will be possible. Does this actually lower the entry barrier and will
> attract contributors?

Yes, I think so. "The kids" these days all want to use git, not svn.
That's harder to do because you have to set up git *and* git-svn.

> Wouldn't all this effort be better spent in getting finally rid of CVS for
> wwwdocs! If there was a SVN repository for wwwdocs, there could also be a
> GIT mirror! Using GIT to commit to wwwdocs, wouldn't that be cool!

Nice try ;-)

No, it wouldn't be cool. For the half dozen commits I make to wwwdocs
per year it would be slightly more convenient. But after comparing
that to the half dozen commits I make to the source code *per* *day*
(on a good day) I really don't care what repo the wwwdocs are in. I
don't do bisections on wwwdocs, I don't keep local branches, and noone
is going to create a Git mirror of wwwdocs on github so they can fork
our web pages more conveniently.

It's worth spending all this effort on the source repo because it's
more important than the wwwdocs repo.

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