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Re: Repository for the conversion machinery

On 15 September 2015 at 21:36, Frank Ch. Eigler <> wrote:
>>> cagney = Andrew Cagney <>
> Good point.  The email identities of people change over time; forcing
> a single arbitrary one to label all contributions is at best imprecise
> and at worse a miscrediting.  (This is one way in which the impersonal
> aliases work better.)

It strikes me as the least bad and quickest option.  It also best
reflects how CVS and SVN deal with identities.
(Would it go hand-in-hand with a git commit hook ensuring that future
commits preserve this convention?  Just asking)

Two other options come to mind:

- preserve history

That is create a repo that gives the appearance that we had git all
along.   It would be high quality, useful, and most git-like; and also
one hell of a lot of work :-/   For instance, it might include commits
  Andrew Cagney  <>
  Andrew Cagney  <>
  Andrew Cagney  <>
  Andrew Cagney  <>
While they are all the same individual, they reflect different points
in time.   If we'd had git all along then this, I believe, is what the
repository would have contained. There would certainly be no
expectation that 20 year old addresses were still valid, or that they
need "fixing".

- rewrite history - use some totally arbitrary, and quickly outdated,
internet identity

To me this makes the least sense.  If I change my name/contact do I
have the repo rewritten with that new information?  Am I forever
required to use an arbitrarily assigned identity?  Hardly.

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