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Re: Offer of help with move to git

On 24 August 2015 at 09:40, Tom Tromey <> wrote:
> Eric> In the mean time, I'm enclosing a contributor map that will need to be
> Eric> filled in whoever does the conversion.  The right sides should become
> Eric> full names and preferred email addresses.
> It's probably worth starting with the map I used when converting gdb.
> There is a lot of overlap between the sets of contributors.
> See the file "Total-merged-user-map" here:

The process used by that conversion was overly simplistic.  It
resulted in git attributions like:

commit 90e2fa9c54de04a52fd5980238a1087b9291750f
Author: Andrew Cagney <>
Date:   Mon May 11 21:21:47 2009 +0000

    2009-05-11  Andrew Cagney  <>

        * MAINTAINERS: Orphan ppc.

commit 8e70166dc52cf82a61e0a414f364f3ff7c45dfa7
Author: Andrew Cagney <>
Date:   Tue Aug 9 16:35:45 2005 +0000

    2005-08-09  Andrew Cagney  <>

        * linux-nat.h (linux_proc_xfer_memory): Change type of "myaddr" a
        "gdb_byte" pointer.

which are bordering on offensive (You'll note I have a personal
assignment on file).

Using @gcc; or, as ESR suggested, a linear map would certainly be
better (but even then there's no guarantee that developers weren't
deliberately using two addresses.  For instance, one to identify paid,
and one to identify voluntary work).


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