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compiling gcc 5.x from the scratch: issues

Hello, gcc team.
 At my work I would like to have recent gcc installed but i have no sudo
 rights to update the current gcc (its 4.4.7, and OS is redhat linux).

 So I checked out latest version of gcc via svn, and following guidelines given
 at gcc webpage, tried to download prerequisites,  configure gcc to be
 compiled into a separate folder and to start make. But got a lot of errors
 including errors in test files (that are easy to fix), errors during linkage (seems to be almost final step); 
eventually failed to  build it up. As it is supposed that this SW is extensively tested, could you tell me: 
whether someone tried to build latest gcc (say, gcc 5.1 or 5.2) from scratch and was succeed in this (if he/she follows the guidelines given at the gcc web-site? 
If possible, could you check -whether it is still possible to compile gcc or not and update guidelines, if something has been changed when time passes by?

 Thanks a lot,

Best regards, Mikhail Mishurovskiy, PhD 
Senior Engineer, Advanced Media Lab, DMC R& Center @Samsung Electronics Co.LTD.
Deputy Group Leader, Samsung R&D Russia Institute 
Cell (Local Korean): 010-2996-1979

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