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GCC branches/st (was Re: Offer of help with move to git)

[David, we're talking about moving the GCC repository to Git, and how to handle subdirectory branches.]

On 09/04/2015 12:17 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
branches/st is more complicated than simply being a container for
subdirectory branches.  It has a README file, five cli* subdirectories
that look like branches of GCC, two subdirectories binutils/ and
mono-based-binutils/ that are essentially separate projects (this is not
of course any problem for git - having a branch sharing no ancestry with
other branches is absolutely fine), and a subdirectory tags that contains
tags of those various branches (I think).  So you want to say:
branches/st/tags/* are tags; branches/st/* (subdirectories other than
tags/) are branches; branches/st/README I don't know how you should handle
(I suppose it could be a branch on its own, that just contains a README
file, with commits affecting both README and other branches being split
into separate commits to each piece; it is something that's still
meaningful after the conversion and that ought to end up in the converted
repository in some form).

Hmm. The README does complicate things; maybe we should just leave it as a single branch and let interested people choose how to deal with it. David, you were the last committer; any opinions?


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