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Re: Offer of help with move to git

On Thu, 27 Aug 2015, Jason Merrill wrote:

> Unfortunately, it looks like reposurgeon doesn't deal with gcc SVN's
> subdirectory branches any better than git-svn.  It does give a diagnostic
> about them:
> reposurgeon: branch links detected by file ops only: branches/suse/
> branches/apple/ branches/st/ branches/gcj/ branches/csl/ branches/google/
> branches/linaro/ branches/redhat/ branches/ARM/ tags/ix86/ branches/ubuntu/
> branches/ix86/
> though this is an incomplete list.  There are also also branches/ibm,
> branches/dead, tags/apple, tags/redhat, tags/csl, and tags/ubuntu.

I agree with that list as being a list of subdirectories of branches/ and 
tags/ that are not themselves branches or tags, but rather containers for 
branches and tags.

branches/st is more complicated than simply being a container for 
subdirectory branches.  It has a README file, five cli* subdirectories 
that look like branches of GCC, two subdirectories binutils/ and 
mono-based-binutils/ that are essentially separate projects (this is not 
of course any problem for git - having a branch sharing no ancestry with 
other branches is absolutely fine), and a subdirectory tags that contains 
tags of those various branches (I think).  So you want to say: 
branches/st/tags/* are tags; branches/st/* (subdirectories other than 
tags/) are branches; branches/st/README I don't know how you should handle 
(I suppose it could be a branch on its own, that just contains a README 
file, with commits affecting both README and other branches being split 
into separate commits to each piece; it is something that's still 
meaningful after the conversion and that ought to end up in the converted 
repository in some form).

Joseph S. Myers

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