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Re: Acceptance criteria for the git conversion

On Thu, 3 Sep 2015, shmeel gutl wrote:

> I am working from a clone of the current git repository. Is there an automated
> procedure that will enable me to switch to the new repository and still keep
> all of the commit history of my local branches?

Well, the "git fetch" command I proposed in 
<> could no doubt be 
accompanied by commands people can run in their clones to adapt them for 
the renaming of refs - that sort of conversion instructions is one of the 
things we need anyway before making the switch.  Given then that you've 
fetched the newly converted history into your clone (which in fact doesn't 
depend on having both sets of objects in the one repository), 
you can do a "git merge -s ours" from the relevant revision of the new 
history (and then do future merges from the new master), or do something 
with "git rebase --onto" to create new branches based on the new history 
with the commits from your old branches.

Joseph S. Myers

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