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Re: Acceptance criteria for the git conversion

David Malcolm <>:
> > Still, if anyone else is brave enough to write a script that will munch
> > through gcc-patches producing committer/date/subject-line triples, I'll
> > give it a try.
> I don't think committer/date/subject-line triples are adequate: the
> dates are unlikely to match up, for one thing.

Agreed. They're unlikely to match up exactly.

> I think such a solution would need to somehow locate and match patches
> themselves.
> I was feeling brave, so I had a go at writing a scraper; see:
> for what I have so far (tested with Python 2.7).
> This can scrape the gcc-patches archives and locate mails containing
> patches, extracting the patches (some of them anyway...).  The idea
> would be to stuff the patches into some kind of big data store, and
> somehow them try to locate them (perhaps within a rough date "window").
> Does this seem like a viable approach?

I think it's as good as we're likely to get given the data available.
		<a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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