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Re: Acceptance criteria for the git conversion

Joseph Myers <>:
> With 227369 revisions I don't think adding git-style summary lines is 
> really practical without some very reliable automation to match commits to 
> corresponding gcc-patches messages (whose Subject: headers would be the 
> natural choice for such summary lines)....

In this case you may be right.  Select =L tells me there are 101139
commits wanting that sort of adjustment, which I think is at least
2.5x the bulk I've ever had to deal with before.

Still, if anyone else is brave enough to write a script that will munch
through gcc-patches producing committer/date/subject-line triples, I'll
give it a try.

About scale:  The largest repository I've dealt with before this was
NetBSD, with a working set of 18GB, vs 45GB for this one.  The way reposurgeon's
internal representations work, working set is dominated by comment text.  So
the GCC repo has about 2.5x the comment bulk of NetBSD.
		<a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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