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Re: Repository for the conversion machinery

> azanella = Adhemerval Zanella <>

Adhemerval now works for Linaro, so his email address should be:

> bje = Ben Elliston <>

Ben is no longer at Red Hat...or IBM.  He went back to school and his
new email address seems to be:

> dnovillo = Diego Novillo <>

Diego is now at google, so his email address should be:

> drepper = Ulrich Drepper <>

Uli is no longer at Red Hat (now at Goldman Sachs?).
His last email to the GCC mailing list used this address:

> janis = Janis Johnson <>

Janis is now retired.  Her personal email address as listed in
the MAINTAINERS file is:

> jgrimm = Jon Grimm <>

Jon is now at Canonical.  I'm not sure which of the two email addresses
that seem to be active for him he prefers:

> luisgpm = Luis Machado <>

Luis is now with Codesourcery.  His email address is:

> meissner = Michael Meissner <>

Mike is now at IBM, but his email address in the MAINTAINERS file is:

> mircea = Mircea Namolaru <>

Mircea is now working at INRIA.  His email address is:

> olga = Olga Golovanevsky <>

Olga is no longer at IBM.  I believe she is now at Cavium, but her
recent GNU Cauldron presentation used this address:

> spop = Sebastian Pop <>

Sebastian is now at Samsung and his address is:


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