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Re: Repository for the conversion machinery

On 27/08/15 17:03, Richard Earnshaw wrote:
> On 27/08/15 16:48, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
>> If the former, then I don't know why they're not in the map.  It contains
>> an entry for every distinct Unix username it could extract.  What usernames
>> should I expect these people to have?
> Those aren't the only ones.  Just looking at the SVN log for
> gcc/config/arm/ lists these userids, many of which are not in your
> list:

For the ones I know and that may not be in your list:

amker	Bin Cheng (
bernds	Bends Schmidt (codesourcery)
bonzini	Paolo Bonzini
carrot	Carrot (
cbaylis	Charles Baylis (
clyon	Christophe Lyon (
dgutson Daniel Gutson (codesourcery?)
dougkwan	Doug Kwan (Google?)
ghazi	Kaveh Ghazi ?
gretay	Greta Yorsh (
ibolton Ian Bolton (
jgreenhalgh	James Greenhalgh (
jules	Julian Brown ? (CodeSourcery)
ktkachov Kyrylo Tkachov (
mgretton	Matthew Gretton-Dann (
mkuvyrkov	Maxim Kuvrykov (
mshawcroft	Marcus Shawcroft (
pb	Philip Blundel ?
pbrook	Paul Brook (CodeSourcery)
ramana	Ramana Radhakrishnan (
sameerad Sameera Deshpande (now at Imagination Technologies)
sandra	Sandra Losemore ?
sofiane	Sophiane Nachi (
thopre01	Thomas Preud'homme (
vries	Tom De Vries ? (Codesourcery?)
yroux	Yvan Roux (
yufeng	Yufeng Zhang (

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