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Ambiguous usernames (was: Re: 33 unknowns left)

Joseph Myers <>:
> On Wed, 26 Aug 2015, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> > > Although a few accounts may have been deleted on sourceware, and 
> > > conceivably account names could have been reused after such deletion, it's 
> > > the parts of the history that come from the gcc2 repository (trunk until 
> > > the start of EGCS, premerge-fsf-branch after that) where there's a greater 
> > > risk of conflicts (as in, the two systems had completely separate passwd 
> > > files).
> > 
> > Noted.
> At least one such case confirmed.  You'll need to use different author 
> maps for different sets of commits.
> In the gcc2 repository, dje was Doug Evans (this includes commits on 
> premerge-fsf-branch, not just the early part of trunk).  In the repository 
> that started as the EGCS repository, dje is David Edelsohn.

OK, this is going to get pretty ugly then.  I do not know nearly enough
about the history of the repo to find these pairs myself.

I'm going to need two things:

1. A precise description of what SVN branches and date spans need to be
   considered as separate namespaces for this purpose.  When I say
   "precise" I mean that I will need to be able to express them as
   reposurgeon selection sets.  It is OK for the description to use
   branch names and either Subversion revnos or dates.

2. A list of exceptions. Each exception should be an ambiguous username
   (such as dle) followed by a descroption of the human name it corresponds
   to in different namespaces.

I gather, for example, that there will be a gcc2 set.  
		<a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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