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Re: 33 unknowns left

On Wed, 26 Aug 2015, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

> bson = bson <bson>

Jan Brittenson <>

> cks = cks <cks>

Chris Smith <>

> click = click <click>

Nick Clifton <>

> dennisg = dennisg <dennisg>

Likely the same person as dglattin, Dennis Glatting <>, 
but no signs of ChangeLog entries for the dennisg commits.

> erik = erik <erik>

Erik Naggum <>

> fp = fp <fp>

Frederic Pierresteguy <>

> friedman = friedman <friedman>

Noah Friedman <>

> fx = fx <fx>

Dave Love <>

> hassey = hassey <hassey>

John Hassey <>

> jrv = jrv <jrv>

James Van Artsdalen <>

> jtw = jtw <jtw>

Not clear to me from ChangeLogs / ,v files.

> karl = karl <karl>

Presumably Karl Berry (entirely changes to texinfo.tex, no ChangeLog 

> moore = moore <moore>

Tim Moore <>

> rolfh = rolfh <rolfh>

Arne H. Juul <>

> thomas = thomas <thomas>

Thomas Bushnell, n/BSG <>

> wood = wood <wood>

Tom Wood <>

This time (except for fx, which I found through egcs-cvs archives from 
1998), I grepped the ,v files of the gcc2 repository to find commits and 
cross-referenced with ChangeLogs in GCC 2.8.1 to find log entries at the 
right time.  Email addresses are even less likely to be current.

Joseph S. Myers

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