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Re: Moving to git

* Jeff Law:

> I suspect Jakub will strongly want to see some kind commit hook to
> associate something similar to an SVN id to each git commit to support
> his workflow where the SVN ids are  associated with the compiler
> binaries he keeps around for very fast bisection.

As long as we do not rebase,

  git log --pretty=format: | wc -l

is actually pretty close to a revision number, and it's reasonably
quick to compute.  The number will be meaningful only within a single
branch.  It's also prudent to capture the head commit hash when the
number is generated because subsequent merges may make it complicated
to map the number back to the original branch head when the number was

> ISTM that within that namespace, folks ought to have the freedom to
> use whatever works for them.  If folks want to create a transient
> branch, push-rebase-push on that branch, then later remove it, I tend
> to think, why not let them.

They could use a completely separate repository, too, and still have
working merges from mainline.

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