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Re: ira.c update_equiv_regs patch causes gcc/testsuite/ regression

> Hi Marcus,
> On fsf-4.9 I see the test pass:
> PASS: (test for excess errors)
> PASS: scan-assembler-times pop 2
> PASS: scan-assembler-times beq 3
> Executing on host: arm-none-eabi-size pr43920-2.o   (timeout = 300)
> spawn arm-none-eabi-size pr43920-2.o
>    text       data        bss        dec        hex    filename
>      54          0          0         54         36    pr43920-2.o
> text size is 54
> PASS: object-size text <= 54
> So this is a regression in fsf-5.

Sorry about the terse email earlier - don't know what thunderbird did with me and I was running off on an urgent private errand. suggests that this test case worked by fluke in earlier versions of the compiler, and the debate has been whether this is a regression or not. 

If in case it is not deemed to be a regression based on that comment, we should just XFAIL the test and move on.

Given Jakub's away I'm CCing richi on this discussion.


> Kind regards,
> Alex

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