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Re: Re: ira.c update_equiv_regs patch causes gcc/testsuite/ regression

On 21/04/15 06:27, Jeff Law wrote:
On 04/20/2015 01:09 AM, Shiva Chen wrote:
Hi, Jeff

Thanks for your advice.

can_replace_by.patch is the new patch to handle both cases.

pr43920-2.c.244r.jump2.ori is the original  jump2 rtl dump

pr43920-2.c.244r.jump2.patch_can_replace_by is the jump2 rtl dump
after patch  can_replace_by.patch

Could you help me to review the patch?
Thanks.  This looks pretty good.

I expanded the comment for the new function a bit and renamed the
function in an effort to clarify its purpose.  From reviewing
can_replace_by, it seems it should have been handling this case, but
clearly wasn't due to implementation details.

I then bootstrapped and regression tested the patch on x86_64-linux-gnu
where it passed.  I also instrumented that compiler to see how often
this code triggers.  During a bootstrap it triggers a couple hundred
times (which is obviously a proxy for cross jumping improvements).  So
it's triggering regularly on x86_64, which is good.

I also verified that this fixes BZ64916 for an arm-non-eabi toolchain
configured with --with-arch=armv7.

Installed on the trunk.  No new testcase as it's covered by existing tests.


I see this patch been committed in r222256 on trunk. Is it okay to port this to fsf-5?
Kind regards,

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