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Cauldron Accelerator BoF call for agenda proposals


because Thomas Schwinge unfortunately cannot attend the Cauldron this
year, I have volunteered to take care of organizing an Accelerator BoF
at the event (at the moment conveniently scheduled for Sunday 10am).

This email is not only an invitation to participate but also a call
for agenda items.  Although it will certainly be possible to propose a
topic for discussion on the spot, giving me a heads-up beforehand
might help me to organize them better.  And this call is also meant to
give a chance to propose a topic to those who will not be coming to

Therefore, if you already know what we should discuss at the BoF, let
me know.  If think you need a little bit of inspiration, you can look
at an old agenda proposal at

My proposed topics will be about reconciling "offloading via LTO" and
"HSA offloading" and about issues regarding OpenMP constructs
expansion for GPGPUs.

I'm looking forward to meeting many of you in Prague,


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