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Re: [AD] UltraGDB, an alternative tool to debug GCC, GDB, LLDB, etc. on Windows and Linux

On Tuesday, July 07 2015, Chiheng Xu wrote:

>> I tried to find the source code of this package, but I could not find
>> it.  Do you have a URL or something you can provide?
> Sorry, source code of UltraGDB is not available now.  The source code
> is actually a trimmed down, supercharged, and re-branded Eclipse CDT.
> All of our technology is built on open source, and for open source. It
> maybe weird for us not to provide the source code. But we are just
> founded, we have no idea how to continue developing this product. In
> other word, we have no business model yet.  At present, we just want
> to know whether or not our product is useful, if so, then we think it
> is meaningful to work on it.
> This product is actually a part of much bigger and more ambitious plan
> that can't be disclosed right now.  In the future, we may decide to
> provide the source code of UltraGDB.
> Any comment or suggestion on the UltraGDB product, or "development
> model", or "business model" is welcomed.

[ Removing lldb-dev from the Cc list as requested. ]


First of all, you are repackaging Eclipse CDT and are not distributing
the source code for it; in fact, you have relicensed the entire project
with a proprietary license.  Eclipse CDT is license under EPL:


Which forbids this practice.  EPL still allows you to license your
plugin as proprietary, but you still have to release the source code of
everything else (and if you modified Eclipse CDT in some way, you also
have to release your modifications).

Secondly, what is the advantage of UltraGDB when you compare it with the
Eclipse CDT Standalone Debugger?


The Standalone Debugger is Free Software (released under the EPL as
well), and distributed along with the Eclipse CDT on some distributions
(Fedora GNU/Linux, for example).  It is nice to see people developing
other plugins and GUI's for GDB (assuming they are Free Software as
well, of course), but it looks to me that Standalone Debugger offers a
better user experience than UltraGDB.

Thank you,

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