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Re: Andreas Tobler appointed FreeBSD maintainer

On 22.06.15 20:33, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
A while ago Loren James Rittle, who had been taking care of GCC
on FreeBSD for many years and brought the port to modern standards,
wrote the following on this list:

   >> I am the named maintainer of the freebsd port.  I have been for
   >> approximately twelve years; although I haven't been very active
   >> the last four years. [...] I am looking for someone that both the
   >> GCC steering committee and I would be willing to hand over the
   >> reigns before I drop my officially-listed maintainership.

Turns out that with Andreas Tobler we are in the lucky position to
have someone like that.  Andreas already contributed arm*-*-freebsd*
support, PIE support for FreeBSD, did some PowerPC work, and more.

So, today I am happy to announce that the steering committee has
appointed Andreas maintainer of the FreeBSD ports of GCC.

And I'd like to extend many thanks to Loren James for all his
contributions to libstdc++ and GCC on FreeBSD over many years.

Thanks a bunch, Loren, and happy hacking, Andreas!

Thank you!

I updated the MAINTAINERS file, see below.


2015-06-22  Andreas Tobler  <>

	* MAINTAINERS (OS Port Maintainers): Add myself.
	(Various Maintainers): Remove myself from libffi testsuite.

--- MAINTAINERS	(revision 224759)
+++ MAINTAINERS	(working copy)
@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@
 darwin port		Mike Stump		<>
 darwin port		Eric Christopher	<>
 DJGPP			DJ Delorie		<>
-freebsd			Loren J. Rittle		<>
+freebsd			Andreas Tobler		<>
 GNU/Hurd		Thomas Schwinge		<>
 hpux			John David Anglin	<>
 hpux			Steve Ellcey		<>
@@ -175,7 +175,6 @@
 libiberty		DJ Delorie		<>
 libiberty		Ian Lance Taylor	<>
 libitm			Torvald Riegel		<>
-libffi testsuite	Andreas Tobler		<>
 libmpx			Ilya Enkovich		<>
 libobjc			Nicola Pero		<>
 libobjc			Andrew Pinski		<>

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