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Re: Documentation complex logarithm

Am 13.06.2015 um 18:33 schrieb Gerald Pfeifer:
> On Tue, 2 Jun 2015, C.Friedrich wrote:
>> The LOG function returns the principal value of the complex logarithm
>> whose imaginary part omega must be in the range -pi < omega <= pi.
>> GFORTRAN does it correctly but the online documentation
>> gives -pi <= omega <=
>> pi. Perhaps this should be corrected.
> Let me redirect this to the list.

Fixed on trunk as obvious after checking that 'make info', 'make dvi'
and 'make pdf' still work.

Will backport to gcc 5.



--- intrinsic.texi      (Revision 224450)
+++ intrinsic.texi      (Arbeitskopie)
@@ -8712,7 +8712,7 @@
 The return value is of type @code{REAL} or @code{COMPLEX}.
 The kind type parameter is the same as @var{X}.
 If @var{X} is @code{COMPLEX}, the imaginary part @math{\omega} is in
the range
-@math{-\pi \leq \omega \leq \pi}.
+@math{-\pi < \omega \leq \pi}.

 @item @emph{Example}:

2015-06-14  Thomas Koenig  <>

	* intrinsic.texi:  Change \leq to < in descrition of imaginary
	part in argument to log.

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