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Re: consistent naming of passes....


Funny that I a) had come across the same issue mentioned below, and then
b) today, while searching for something else in my mail archive, stumbled
over this (unanswered) email.  ;-)

On Wed, 27 Aug 2014 20:29:17 +0200, Basile Starynkevitch <> wrote:
> When I compile some file (precisely, the gcc/ from the latest melt branch) with -O1 -fdump-passes (using GCC 4.9) I'm getting
> notably
>    ipa-cp                                              :  OFF
>    ipa-cdtor                                           :  OFF
>    ipa-inline                                          :  ON
>    ipa-pure-const                                      :  ON
>    ipa-static-var                                      :  ON
>    ipa-pta                                             :  OFF
>    ipa-simdclone                                       :  OFF
>    *free_cfg_annotations                               :  ON
> However, in file gcc/ipa-inline.c there is
> const pass_data pass_data_ipa_inline =
> {
>   IPA_PASS, /* type */
>   "inline", /* name */
>   OPTGROUP_INLINE, /* optinfo_flags */
>   false, /* has_gate */
>   true, /* has_execute */
>   TV_IPA_INLINING, /* tv_id */
> I find strange that the two names (the one given by -fdump-passes and the one in the pass_data_ipa_inline object) are different.

Similarly, for the tags used in filenames for in -fdump-tree-[...] output
-- which "annoys" me, as it requires to do an extra lookup when
correlating the -fdump-tree-[...] filenames, -fdump-passes output,
gcc/passes.def descriptors, and the actual pass definitions.

In the longer term, is it OK to do something about this (but I have not
yet look what needs to be done), to bring in some consistency?

> When I try to insert a plugin pass (actually in MELT, file gcc/melt/xtramelt-ana-simple.melt) named "inline" it gives:
> cc1plus: fatal error: pass 'inline' not found but is referenced by new pass 'melt_justcountipa'
> If I use "ipa-inline" I'm getting
> cc1plus: fatal error: pass 'ipa-inline' not found but is referenced by new pass 'melt_justcountipa'
> How should a plugin writer find the name of the reference pass to insert his own new pass? At the very least it should be documented, and preferably it should be identical to output of -fdump-passes


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