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Re: ifcvt limitations?

On 06/02/2015 09:57 AM, Kyrill Tkachov wrote:
I'm stuck on noce_process_if_block (in ifcvt.c) and what I think is a
restriction that the THEN-block contents have to be only a single set
insn. This fails on aarch64 because we get an extra zero_extend.

In particular, the following check in noce_process_if_block triggers:
   insn_a = first_active_insn (then_bb);
   if (! insn_a
       || insn_a != last_active_insn (then_bb, FALSE)
       || (set_a = single_set (insn_a)) == NULL_RTX)
     return FALSE;

Is there any particular reason why the code shouldn't be able to handle
arbitrarily large contents
in then_bb (within a sane limit)?
It's just never been implemented or tested per this comment in noce_process_if_block.

  /* We're looking for patterns of the form

     (1) if (...) x = a; else x = b;
     (2) x = b; if (...) x = a;
     (3) if (...) x = a;   // as if with an initial x = x.

     The later patterns require jumps to be more expensive.

     ??? For future expansion, look for multiple X in such patterns.  */

I think folks would look favorably upon removing that limitation, obviously with some kind of cost checking.


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