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Re: s390: SImode pointers vs LR

On 05/29/2015 06:57 PM, DJ Delorie wrote:
In config/s390/s390.c we accept addresses that are SImode:

       if (!REG_P (base)
	  || (GET_MODE (base) != SImode
	      && GET_MODE (base) != Pmode))
	return false;

However, there doesn't seem to be anything in the s390's opcodes that
masks the top half of address registers in 64-bit mode, the SImode
convention seems to just be a convention for addresses in the first

So... what happens if gcc uses a subreg to load the lower half of a
register (via LR), leaving the upper half with random bits in it, then
uses that register as an address?  I could see no code that checked
for this, and I have a fairly large and ungainly test case that says
it breaks :-(

My local solution was to just disallow "SImode" as an address in
s390_decompose_address, which forces gcc to do an explicit SI->DI
conversion to clear the upper bits, and it seems to work, but I wonder
if it's the ideal solution...
Looks wrong to me -- but the s390 maintainers ought to chime in.


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