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IBM z13 support for older GCCs


in order to get the IBM z13 support into present distros the Linux distributors asked me to get this
stuff upstream into the older GCC branches first. This would ease the whole backporting efforts,
interactions with other patches and would make sure that everybody uses the same code level.

This would affect at least the GCC 4.8 and 5 branches but for continuity reasons it probably also
should go into 4.9 then.

The patchset requires only very minor common code changes and therefore imposes only a low risk for
other platforms:

recog: Increased max number of alternatives - v2

optabs: Fix vec_perm -> V16QI middle end lowering.

There is definitely some risk for S/390 but this again should be relatively low when compiling for
CPU levels prio to z13.

For the z13 support itself I've added a bunch of testcases but I've also run checks with about 10000
automatically generated testcases not part of the patchset.

We also ran the ABI comparison testsuite to compare the GCC and LLVM implementations regarding
vector data types.

Is it ok to apply the patchset to GCC 4.8, 4.9, and 5 branches as well?



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