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Re: [i386] Scalar DImode instructions on XMM registers

On 20/05/15 04:17 AM, Ilya Enkovich wrote:
On 19 May 11:22, Vladimir Makarov wrote:
On 05/18/2015 08:13 AM, Ilya Enkovich wrote:
2015-05-06 17:18 GMT+03:00 Ilya Enkovich <>:
Hi Vladimir,

Could you please comment on this?

Ilya, I think that the idea is worth to try but results might be
mixed.  It is hard to say until you actually try it (as example, Jan
implemented -fpmath=both and it looks a pretty good idea at least
for me but when I checked SPEC2000 the results were not so good even
with IRA/LRA).

Long ago I did some experiments and found that spilling into SSE
would benefitial for Intel CPUs but not for AMD ones.  As I remember
I also found that storing several scalar values into one SSE reg and
extracting it when you need to do some (fp) arithmetics would
benefitial for AMD but not for Intel CPUs.   In literature more
general approach is called bitwise register allocator.  Actually it
would be a pretty big IRA/LRA project from which some targets might
I suspect such things are not trivially done in IRA/LRA and want to make it as an independent optimization because its application seems to be quite narrow.
Yes, that is true. The complications and implementation complexity will be probably very high in this project and the positive results are not sure. So the project might have a small value.

As for the wrong code, it is hard for me to say anything w/o RA
dumps.  If you send me the dump (-fira-verbose=16), i might say more
what is going on.

Here are some dumps from my reproducer.  The problematic register is r108.

Thanks. For me it looks like an inheritance bug. It is really hard to fix the bug w/o the source code. Could you send me your patch in order I can debug RA with it to investigate more.

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