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Re: Shared object compiled with g++ is not unloaded

So, really no ideas on this issue? Or this behavior is considered normal?

2015-04-26 1:38 GMT+03:00 Max Dmitrichenko <>:
> Hi all!
> I've faced with strange behavior when I investigated a bug on a rather
> new distros of Linux. I'm not sure that it is a bug of gcc, but may be
> someone can bring some light to it.
> So, my project heavily uses plugins which are dynamically loaded with
> dlopen() and unloaded with dlclose() functions. I've got report that
> some (not all) plugins are not unloaded: they remain in the process
> map and if you put a new version of binary it's not loaded until
> program is finished and started again. This happens only on rather new
> distros: RHEL 7x (gcc 4.8), Debian 7 (gcc 4.7) and last versions of
> Ubuntu (gcc 4.7 - 4.9). While on RHEL 6.x and Debian 6.x (gcc 4.4 on
> both) everything works as expected. Checked only on x86_64
> architecture.
> So I "bisected" the code to find why this happens. I've found that if
> plugin contains a static variable in the inlined function, then
> dlclose() leaves the SO in the memory. Also I've found that it happens
> only if it is compiled with g++. The same example renamed to *.c and
> compiled with gcc works OK.
> Attached is the sample which reproduces this effect. Use make command
> to build 'test' executable and '' shared object, then run:
> $ ./test
> If it outputs something like:
> 7fc80cdf2000-7fc80cdf3000 r-xp 00000000 fe:02 5902461
>   /home/tests/so/
> 7fc80cdf3000-7fc80cff2000 ---p 00001000 fe:02 5902461
>   /home/tests/so/
> 7fc80cff2000-7fc80cff3000 rw-p 00000000 fe:02 5902461
>   /home/tests/so/
> then shared object was not unloaded. Remove "inline" keyword in so.cpp
> and everything works fine.
> That bad thing is that some parts of boost also make the plugin
> unloadable and this can be controlled.
> So, is it a bug? If no, can it be somehow workarounded?
> --
> With best regards
>   Max Dmitrichenko

With best regards
  Max Dmitrichenko

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