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5.1.0/4.9.2 native mingw64 lto-wrapper.exe issues (PR 65559 and 65582)

[AArch64] Missed vectorization opportunity in cactusADM

[debug-early] branch merged with trunk at 222380

[gcc libcc1] build_qualified_type for self-referencing/incomplete types

Fwd: [i386] Scalar DImode instructions on XMM registers

[PATCH] Refactor handle_section_attribute to reduce nesting and distinguish error cases

Re: [PATCH][www] Document versioning scheme for GCC 5 and up

[RFC] Documenting support functions and data structures

[wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: [ANN] gcc-lua: Lua plugin for the GNU Compiler Collection

[wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: Confirmation Mirror Changes

[wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: GCC Plugin Announcement; CTraps - Lightweight dynamic analysis for concurrent code

[wwwdocs] PATCH for RE: wrong mirror on GCC mirror sites page

About adding OMPT into GNU's libgomp

Ada: %(cc1_options) missing from default specs file

Announcing AArch64 and ARM port reviewers

Announcing Segher Boessenkool as combine.c maintainer

April GNU Toolchain Update

Assembly 3.2 GCC

Re: AutoFDO profile toolchain is open-sourced

avr-gcc generating really dumb code

AW: g++keeps unused objects with virtual functions

Bootstrap configuration for hppa-linux-gnu ?

broken link for Programming Languages Software Award on gcc homepage

Build oddity (Mode = sf\|df messages in output)

C++ exception handling optimization performance

Combine changes ASHIFT into mult for non-MEM rtx

Confirmation Mirror Changes

Connecting to gcc.gnu.org - keygen_fail

copyright assignment documentation

copyright assignment forms

Dejagnu-fu/pex-fu/diagnostics-fu needed to get LTO warnings right

Do we have any plans to un-flatten our header files?

dom1 prevents vectorization via partial loop peeling?

Fail to compile trunk

Re: fn spec attribute on builtin function in fortran

from: claireschoice at gmail dot com

g++keeps unused objects with virtual functions

Re: gcc 4.8.2 online docs broken

gcc 4.9.3 schedule

GCC 5.0.1 Status Report (2015-04-13)

GCC 5.1 Release Candidate available from gcc.gnu.org

GCC 5.1 Released

GCC 5.1 successful avr target build

GCC 5.1.1 Status Report (2015-04-22)

GCC 6.0 Status Report (2015-04-13)

Re: gcc wiki project

gcc-4.8-20150402 is now available

gcc-4.8-20150409 is now available

gcc-4.8-20150416 is now available

gcc-4.8-20150423 is now available

gcc-4.8-20150430 is now available

gcc-4.9-20150401 is now available

gcc-4.9-20150408 is now available

gcc-4.9-20150415 is now available

gcc-4.9-20150422 is now available

gcc-4.9-20150429 is now available

gcc-5-20150405 is now available

gcc-5-20150414 is now available

gcc-5-20150421 is now available

gcc-5-20150428 is now available

gcc-6-20150412 is now available

gcc-6-20150419 is now available

gcc-6-20150426 is now available

Generating gimple code with gimple_build_assign

Git-only namespace for vendor branches

GNAT User's Guide /onlinedocs broken? (was: Broken links on gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs)

Re: GSoc-2015: Modular GCC (RFC on refactoring)

GSoC: Accepted projects

How do I set a hard register in gimple

How to extract types of variables and its uid?

How to get anchors to onlinedocs that can be used in external documents?

Re: how to modify gcc to compile a[b] differently

Improve offset combination during LRA virtual register elimination?

interest for ARM/thumb multiversionning ?

IRA preferencing issues

ira.c update_equiv_regs patch causes gcc/testsuite/gcc.target/arm/pr43920-2.c regression

is it time to mass change from .c to .cc in gcc/ ?

Is trunk now open for regular patches?

libgomp: gomp_new_team() use free list?

Loop fusion.

lto bootstrap fails.

LTO bootstrap failure for GCC-5 prerelease.

Re: max_align_t definition

max_align_t definition (was: Re: x86_64: Should the -mavx* options affected __alignof__ (max_align_t)?)

Mirror Changes

missing explanation of Stage 4 in GCC Development Plan document

MMS +07883757289

More methods of reducing the register pressure

Need help to install C++ compiler

NIOS and atomic primitives

Partial inline on recursive functions?

Re: Please document `contrib/download_prerequisites'

Re: PR63633: May middle-end come up width hard regs for insn expanders?

Re: PR65416, alloca on xtensa

Re: Probably inaccuracy in GCC 4.7.0 documentation.

Re: Question about Gimple FE

Question about macro _GLIBCXX_RES_LIMITS in libstdc++ testsuite

Questions about C as used/implemented in practice

Running GCC testsuite with --param option (requires space in argument)

Second GCC 5.1 Release Candidate available from gcc.gnu.org

Second GCC 5.1 Release Candidate successful avr target build

Re: Selecting an architecture tuple for the Rumprun toolchain

Shared object compiled with g++ is not unloaded

Re: String literals in __init functions

trunk test result inconsistencies

Re: try_merge_delay_insn with delay list > 1

Trying to reduce generated 4.9.2 footprint

Undefined Local Symbol on PowerPC

Re: Updating the simtest-howto

Re: Wierd manual link and resulting dead link

WPP capabilities in gcc

Re: x86_64: Should the -mavx* options affected __alignof__ (max_align_t)?

Fwd: xtensa PR65730

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