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GSoC: Accepted projects

Dear all,

we have this year two good GSoC projects for which we managed to get a slot and a mentor:

Erik KrisztiÃn Varga will work on the "Addressing mode selection in GCC". Citing the abstract: "CPU architectures often provide a variety of ways to load and save data into memory and registers. Because of this, there are lot of possible addressing sequences for a given code, and finding the optimal one is not a trivial task. However, better addressing can lead to improvements in a program's code size and execution time. The goal of this project is to add a prototype version of such an addressing mode selection pass to GCC." The primary mentor will be Oleg Endo.

Fan You will work on "Completing the missing parts of the Fundamentals TS in libstdc++": "Finish extending shared_ptr to support arrays and Polymorphic memory resources (erase allocator from the container's type)." The primary mentor will be Tim Shen.

Congratulation to the Erik and Fan You for the accepted proposal. And thanks to the two mentors for volunteering!

The list of all accepted proposals (of all orgs) can be found at



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