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Re: trunk test result inconsistencies

On 04/22/2015 06:28 AM, Andrew MacLeod wrote:
On 04/22/2015 08:19 AM, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
On Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 08:04:03AM -0400, Andrew MacLeod wrote:
Is anyone else seeing comparison problems on trunk?

I was having problems testing a patch on a 4/16 extraction, so last
night I
checked out a fresh trunk, built it, ran make check... then removed the
build directory, re-built it from scratch again. make check..  and get a
bunch of different results.     I even used test_summary instead of
my own
home-grown scripts.
That is a buggy kernel, you must have missed a warning not to upgrade
kernel.  See
Dunno what progress has been on that patch since then, don't see it in
latest Linus' git though.
AFAIK at least 3.19 and 4.0 kernels are affected.
A nice. Thanks.   I did not see the warning, no :-)  That pretty
seriously buggy!
It may also have been poor timing on installing the OS and initial
upgrading of all the packages has a 4.0 kernel with the tty fix if you don't want to try and downgrade.


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