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Re: AutoFDO profile toolchain is open-sourced


On 15.04.2015 10:41, Ilya Palachev wrote:

One more question.

Does anybody know with which options should the perf be executed so that to collect appropriate data for the autofdo converter? I obtain the same data for different programs, and it seems to be empty (1600 Bytes).
They have the same md5sum for different programs:

   # Data for simple program with 30 lines of code:
   $ md5sum ytest.gcov
   d85481c9154aa606ce4893b64fe109e7  ytest.gcov

   # Data for program of 3D Delaunay triangulation construction of
   1000000 points.
   $ md5sum experimentCGAL_convexHullDynamic.gcov
   d85481c9154aa606ce4893b64fe109e7 experimentCGAL_convexHullDynamic.gcov

We tried to collect perf data using option --call-graph fp but it does not help: the output gcov data is still the same.
Sometimes create_gcov reports the following error:
E0421 13:10:37.125629 8732] Mapped 50% of samples, expected at least 95%

But it does not mean that there are not enough samples collected in the profile, because 99% of samples are mapped in the case of very simple program (with 1 function).
I try to find working case for more than a week but did not suceeded.

Can anybody show me that create_gcov works at least for one case?

Best regards,
Ilya Palachev

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