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Re: [RFC] Documenting support functions and data structures

On 16 April 2015 at 17:15, Andrew Haley <> wrote:
> However, I am advising caution, particularly when documenting
> structures whose shape might soon change.  And with respect to new
> contributions, it would be a shame if someone came along, did a great
> job of documenting the structures and interfaces, then left after a
> while, leaving the docs to rot.

That is life, and it can happen to a newcomer or a long-time
contributor. If there is interest, it will be maintained, if not they
will rot until the point that it is better to delete them. At least we
can easily delete rotten docs, not so easy with code.

Having something like this in gccint or in the wiki can motivate
someone to, for example, finally get rid of obsolete data structures
that are rarely used. It could also be a starting point to continue
this: by categorizing files in
terms of their purpose and putting them together. Also to identify
things in liberty that GCC does not actually use (thus no need
documenting them) and things that are duplicated with gnulib (we
should just use the gnulib version). Even if the only benefit of the
list was to make easier for Mikhail to continue contributing to GCC,
it would be a net win.

Of course, if someone knows that a particular structure is going to
change soon, then please tell Mikhail to not bother documenting in
detail that one in particular just yet.



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