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is it time to mass change from .c to .cc in gcc/ ?


To be clear I only want to talk about gcc/**/*.c but *not* testsuite/

The Question of changing from .c to a more standard C++ file extension
has come up a couple times.  I believe its reasonable accurate to say
the consensus is moderately in favor of doing this at some point.  The
biggest concern was of course being able to access pre rename history
easily.  I know git will either handle this by default or with an option
depending on the command, and svn claims it can handle renames so we
should be good on that front.  The other question was if we should wait
to do this at the same time as a reorganization of directory structure.
That was back in august 2013, about a year and a half ago, and we
haven't done it or really moved forward with a plan to do it.  It seems
to me that if we do this part now we can then deal with moving files
into directories later piece by piece and not need to move everything at
once.  If we want to go ahead with renaming we should pick a time, I
think some people have advanced the idea of doing it just after a
branch, on the other hand last year we held off on the big gimple
refactoring until after the branch had released a .1.



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