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Re: [gsoc] Generic addressing mode selection

On 03/26/2015 08:32 AM, Erik Varga wrote:
Hi all,

I've submitted my proposal to the GSoC website, it can be found here: [1]
After hearing some ideas from Oleg, I decided to go with working on
detecting and optimizing a few specific memory access patterns instead
of implementing a PBQP solver.
Any suggestions or comments are welcome.
I read that it's necessary to have a copyright assignment filed with
the Free Software Foundation to be able to contribute larger amounts
of code to GCC. When would it be best to start applying for a
copyright assignment (e.g. sometime during the community bonding
period, or the coding period, or around now)?
If you're looking at exploiting auto-inc addressing, others and myself have speculated that something built around straight-line-strength-reduction at the RTL level would be ideal for exploiting that capability.

That may be more suitable for a GSOC project than tackling the entire space of address mode selections.


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