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Re: Question about Gimple FE

On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 2:31 PM, xue yinsong <> wrote:
> I think the gimple front end project would be quite useful to gcc so Iâd like to do work on it this summer.
> The problem is, it seems the GIMPLE front end project hasnât been active for some time
> and Diego Novillo told me it may not even make sense to use the same codebase, but start from scratch.
> Iâm not sure if I should pick it up where it left off or write another one from scratch
> Could you give me some advice?

I don't know the current codebase at all (unfortunately).  I think it
is useful to get yourself familiarized
with it even if you start from scratch as it will get you to learn
something about GIMPLE and about
writing a frontend.

Note that LTO support already is able to output everything needed to
re-create GIMPLE thus from
there you can also learn what is required to populate a GIMPLE
representation.  And LTO support
might be used to create output that can be read by the GIMPLE frontend
- the whole project
feels like finding a textual form of the LTO bytecode (in some way).

Note that it's always useful to ask such questions on the mailing list
as there may be other people
who can give useful input.  Thus, CCed.


> Yinsong

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