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Re: Bugzilla vs 5.0 milestone


On 03/26/2015 09:52 AM, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 09:36:30AM +0100, Richard Biener wrote:
On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 1:10 AM, Paolo Carlini <> wrote:
sorry if I missed part of the discussion about the new numbering scheme and
the answer to my question is already clear from that: why we do have 5.0 as
Milestone in Bugzilla instead of 5.1?!?
Yeah, well ... details.  We chose to not mass-change those after the numbering
scheme was agreed to.  But yes, technically the milestones should be 5.1 now.
Ok, I understand ;)
Supposedly if we just rename the 5.0 milestone to 5.1 milestone and update the queries it could work. Though, 5.0 milestone isn't completely meaningless, it means plan to fix it already before the release.
In fact I had the same thought, but I find annoying the inconsistency with the old numbering scheme, where the identifiers of Milestones match releases.

All in all, if you ask me, assuming the ask isn't too much annoying, I would be in favor of the renaming...


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