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Re: Offloading GSOC 2015

Hello Güray,
On 20 Mar 12:14, guray ozen wrote:
> I've started to prepare my gsoc proposal for gcc's openmp for gpus.
I think that here is wide range for exploration. As you know, OpenMP 4
contains vectorization pragmas (`pragma omp simd') which not perfectly
suites for GPGPU.
Another problem is how to create threads dynamically on GPGPU. As far as
we understand it there're two possible solutions:
  1. Use dynamic parallelism available in recent API (launch new kernel from
  2. Estimate maximum thread number on host and start them all from host,
  making unused threads busy-waiting
There's a paper which investigates both approaches [1], [2].

> However i'm little bit confused about which ideas, i mentioned last my
> mail, should i propose or which one of them is interesting for gcc.
> I'm willing to work on data clauses to enhance performance of shared
> memory. Or maybe it might be interesting to work on OpenMP 4.1 draft
> version. How do you think i should propose idea?
We're going to work on OpenMP 4.1 offloading features.

[1] -
[2] -

Thanks, K

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