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Re: need help with Pointer Bounds Checking documentation

On 02/25/2015 09:47 AM, Ilya Enkovich wrote:
2015-02-25 19:16 GMT+03:00 Sandra Loosemore <>:
On 02/25/2015 12:56 AM, Ilya Enkovich wrote:

2015-02-24 19:47 GMT+03:00 Sandra Loosemore <>:

Poking around, I see that the -fcheck-pointer-bounds and various -fchkp-*
options are listed in c-family/c.opt, but they are not listed in the GCC
manual.  The section on intrinsics is not enough, by itself, to tell
how to use this feature.  Can we please try to get in the documentation
the options that have been implemented so far?  That's a requirement of
GCC coding conventions.

I see Joseph already brought up the issue of missing documentation back

But I cannot find any proposed documentation patch for these options

Here it is:

 From that thread, it looks like Jeff Law already approved the code changes
in the patch.  Were you waiting for a documentation maintainer to approve
the new documentation before committing it?  I can see that it needs
copy-editing and am willing to help with that, but I'd rather not mix that
up in the same patch with code changes I don't know how to test.  Or were
the bundled code changes withdrawn for some reason?  I think it's important
that the already-committed new command-line options be documented, so we
need to separate that out if necessary and get it checked in.

Patch is a part of a series which is waiting for additional steering
committee approval due to copyright and a license.

I don't imagine the documentation for *features already committed* needs to wait for steering committee approval; per the GCC coding standards, it should have been checked in at the same time as the features themselves. Can you please split that out from the rest of the patch series so we can get it in?


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