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Re: need help with Pointer Bounds Checking documentation

On 02/24/2015 01:14 AM, Ilya Enkovich wrote:
2015-02-20 19:39 GMT+03:00 Sandra Loosemore <>:
On 02/20/2015 01:12 AM, Ilya Enkovich wrote:

2015-02-20 3:48 GMT+03:00 Sandra Loosemore <>:

The section "Pointer Bounds Checker builtins" in extend.texi is on my
for being in need of copy-editing, but reading through the existing text,
am quite confused.  In several places it refers to turning the Pointer
Bounds Checker off, but how do you do that?  I don't see any documented
command-line option.


Pointer Bounds Checker is off by default. Patch adding options
documentation is a part of reviewed libmpx patch series which is
waiting for steering committee approval. I didn't want to commit
documentation separately because it has references to features not yet
committed to trunk. Meanwhile it is available on Wiki:

Well, hmmm.  Isn't that true of the already-committed Pointer Bounds
Checking intrinsics documentation, then, too?  That is, the intrinsics
aren't useful to users without the support to enable this feature that
hasn't been committed yet?

Intrinsics are fully implemented.  Compiled programs may be run using
SDE and MPX runtime library provided with it.

Poking around, I see that the -fcheck-pointer-bounds and various -fchkp-* options are listed in c-family/c.opt, but they are not listed in the GCC manual. The section on intrinsics is not enough, by itself, to tell users how to use this feature. Can we please try to get in the documentation for the options that have been implemented so far? That's a requirement of the GCC coding conventions.

I see Joseph already brought up the issue of missing documentation back in November:

But I cannot find any proposed documentation patch for these options either.


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