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Re: need help with Pointer Bounds Checking documentation

2015-02-20 3:48 GMT+03:00 Sandra Loosemore <>:
> The section "Pointer Bounds Checker builtins" in extend.texi is on my list
> for being in need of copy-editing, but reading through the existing text, I
> am quite confused.  In several places it refers to turning the Pointer
> Bounds Checker off, but how do you do that?  I don't see any documented
> command-line option.


Pointer Bounds Checker is off by default. Patch adding options
documentation is a part of reviewed libmpx patch series which is
waiting for steering committee approval. I didn't want to commit
documentation separately because it has references to features not yet
committed to trunk. Meanwhile it is available on Wiki:

> It looks like the commit that added this feature (r217125) included a lot of
> x86-specific stuff.  Is this whole feature specific to x86?  If so, the
> documentation ought to say that.  What is the relation of this feature to
> the -mmpx x86 option, which was added in the same commit? That option does
> have documentation in invoke.texi but nothing that suggests it's related to
> Pointer Bounds Checking.

Pointer Bounds Checker is a target independent feature but currently
it is supported only for x86 targets with MPX support.


> -Sandra the clueless

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