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Re: Rename C files to .c in GCC source

On 1/31/2015 02:55, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> On 30 January 2015 at 21:39, DJ Delorie wrote:
>> writes:
>>> No because they are c++ code so capital C is correct.
>> However, we should avoid relying on case-sensitive file systems
>> (Windows) and use .cc or .cxx for C++ files ("+" is not a valid file
>> name character on Windows, so we can't use .c++).
> These files are only compiled by GCC's own build system, with GCC's
> own makefiles, so we know we invoke the C++ compiler and so the
> language isn't inferred from the file extension, and so we aren't
> relying on case-sensitive file systems.

To give a counter-perspective, having files that need to be compiled
with c++ driver having the extension ".c" gives external build systems
fits.  Case in point, I'm working on bringing gcc5 into DragonFly as a
next base compiler and the make's base scripts all immediately use the c
driver for c files -- I had to apply hacks everywhere and even create
new local equivalents of "bsd.*.mk" files in some cases.  (vendor
makefiles are never used by policy, new "bmake" ones have to be created
and imported -- this seems to be common to all BSD)

Even if this issue is normally hidden due to gcc's makefiles accounting
for it, having misleading file names can only cause problems.    I'll
add a "+1" to the suggestion to go rename everything consistently and

Sorry about butting in, but I thought that my recent experience with
this might be relevant to the topic.


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