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Re: organization of C Extensions in manual

On 01/18/15 09:47, Sandra Loosemore wrote:

Arrays and Vectors
     Designated Inits: Labeling elements of initializers.

I think this one might better be placed in a section on initializers.
With a pointer/reference in the Array/Vector section.

     Pointers to Arrays: Pointers to arrays with qualifiers work as
     Subscripting: Any array can be subscripted, even if not an lvalue.
     Variable Length: Arrays whose length is computed at run time.
     Vector Extensions: Using vector instructions through built-in

I'm not sure where this one belongs, but it doesn't seem to go with
array extensions.  It's not really about builtins, either.
If there isn't a better place, then let's put it with arrays since the ability to create these vectors and subscript them like arrays to get at individual elements it at least related.

     Zero Length: Zero-length arrays.

     Attribute Syntax: Formal syntax for attributes.
     Function Attributes: Declaring that functions have no side effects,
or that they can never return.
     Inline: Defining inline functions (as fast as macros).

Doesn't seem to belong here.
Given that inline isn't really an extension anymore, one could argue this isn't relevant anymore.

     Type Attributes: Specifying attributes of types.
     Variable Attributes: Specifying attributes of variables.
     Volatiles: What constitutes an access to a volatile object.

Or this one.
We could have a whole section on volatile :-)

Variable Attributes might be a better place for the thread-local-storage stuff.


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