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Re: GCC 5 Status Report (2015-01-19), Trunk in Stage 4 - an exception for OpenACC 2.0, nvptx and KNL offloading support?

Oh sorry..... I just checked out the svn again, and see it already
merged.  Well done!

On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 11:59 PM, Mark Farnell <> wrote:
> I know that we are already in stage 4, but features such as OpenACC
> 2.0, nvptx and KNL (xeon phi) offloading support are sooooo important
> for GCC, and if they have to  be deferred to GCC 6.0, then it would be
> a great loss to GCC, as OpenACC 2.0 makes heterogeneous manycore
> programming so much easier, as it relieves users from doing
> assembly-like low level stuff as in CUDA and OpenCL.
> Currently, OpenACC 2.0, nvptx and KNL (xeon phi) support live in the
> gomp-4_0-branch  From previous discussions in this list, these
> features are mature enough to be merged into the trunk, and the owner
> of the trunk is just waiting for the codesourcery to do the job.
> So in order to include these features into GCC 5.0, is it possible to
> make an exception so that if these features merges into the trunk
> within two weeks, they will be allowed to be merged and included into
> GCC 5.0?
> Otherwise it would be a big blow to both GCC, and OpenACC, as users
> would otherwise be forced to use proprietary compilers.

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