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Re: organization of optimization options in manual

On 01/14/15 23:15:59, Jeff Law wrote:
> Sounds good.  I think just starting with the list & creating the buckets
> with the list.  Then post here and we'll iterate and try to nail that down
> before you start moving everything in the .texi file.

Something to consider, if the optimization options are re-worked:
Arrange the -O options such that -O1 can be described by a
distinct set of specific optimizations enabled (or disabled)
in addition to -O0, and -O2 would be described as a composite
of specific optimizations applied to -O1 and so on. (This
might require the addition of new optimization options.)

For completeness, if a specific optimization requires
certain passes or the assertion of other options, that should
somehow be encoded internally within the compiler.

This would potentially make it easier to find which optimization
(or pass) is causing a regression and might make it easier
for users to understand the exact effect of a particular -O option.

- Gary

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