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Re: Unconfirmed boehm-gc test failure

Hi Tom,

----- UrsprÃngliche Mail -----
> Hi Kai,
> I encountered a test failure in boehm-gc (
> 'FAIL: boehm-gc.c/gctest.c
> -O2 execution test' ).
> I would like to ask somebody to confirm the PR,  which hopefully should be as
> simple as patching a .exp for iterated running of a single test (see comment
> 5),
> and running the boehm-gc test suite.
> But I'm not sure who to ask, since there's no maintainer listed in
> Any idea?
> Thanks,
> - Tom

Sorry that I answer pretty late on your question.  I will take a look to the PR soon.

The boehm-gc stuff was in the past maintained by the java-maintainers.  But well, java is a pretty dead piece of code in gcc's repository, so you might want to ping here instead the Object-C(++) maintainer.  Later are using boehm-gc too for some scenario, too.  So they might be able to take ownership for it ...
The boehm-gc code in gcc is actually just a fork of mainline venture.  So you might be able to ask there too.


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