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organization of optimization options in manual

The "Options That Control Optimization" section of the manual is
currently divided into three parts (not subsections, just separate option lists):

(1) General options like -O[n]

(2) Options that individually control options enabled by default at some -O[n] setting

(3) Options controlling optimizations that aren't enabled by default, or that are experimental

I've noted that a lot of options that belong in group (3) have been added to group (2), and at least one from (2) into group (3). I'm thinking that the distinction between (2) and (3) is not really useful anyway; there are already both lists of which options are enabled at each -O level, and info in the descriptions of individual options to say what -O levels they're enabled at.

What would you think about reorganizing this section to add some subsections grouping options by purpose, instead? E.g., loop optimizations, floating-point optimizations, inlining, LTO, profiling options, etc? The section is almost 60 pages long in the printed manual and adding some structure would probably make it easier for users to find things.

The other option would be just to list the options alphabetically, but the index already does that if readers know the name of what they're looking for (or they can search for it in their browser).


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