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RE: Cross compiling and multiple sysroot question

On Mon, 2015-01-12 at 20:58 +0000, Joseph Myers wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Jan 2015, Matthew Fortune wrote:
> > MIPS does this too for mips64-linux-gnu as it has n32 for the default
> > multilib which gets placed in lib32. I don't honestly know how the multilib
> > spec doesn't end up building 4 multilibs though. I'm assuming the fact
> > that the default ABI is added to the DRIVER_SELF_SPECS may be the reason.
> I suspect MULTILIB_DEFAULTS is relevant.

The problem I ran into with MULTILIB_DEFAULTS is that if you have:

MULTILIB_DEFAULTS = { mips32r2 }
MULTILIB_OPTIONS = mips32r2/mips64r2 mabi=64 EL

If you try to use:

MULTILIB_EXCEPTIONS = mips32r2/mabi=64*

It doesn't work.  The mips32r2 option seems to be stripped off before
MULTILIB_EXCEPTIONS is applied.  You need to use this instead:


Which is the same as you would use if you didn't specify mips32r2 in
MULTILIB_OPTIONS at all.  I expect MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES to work the same
way and ignore any mapping entries with the mips32r2 option but maybe I
am wrong (I'm still testing it out).

Steve Ellcey

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