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Re: Allocating some Loop allocno in memory

On January 11, 2015 5:25:23 AM CET, Ajit Kumar Agarwal <> wrote:
>I was thinking of some of the opportunities with respect to reducing
>spills inside the Loop. If the Live range(allocno) 
>spans through the Loop and Live out at the exit of the Loop and there
>are no references or not being touched upon
>inside the Loop, assign the allocno to the memory. This increase the
>chances of getting the register for other allocno 
>which spans through the Loop and have reference inside the Loop if the
>interference graph is not colorable.
>Since allocno don't have references inside the Loop there won't be any
>load instructions with respect to restore inside
>the loops. There will be a store  instruction with respect to spill
>which will be outside the Loop. This will reduce the
>conflicting edges of some of the allocno increasing the chances of
>making colorable of the Interference graph and 
>reduces the spills and restore inside the Loop.
>This heuristics looks reasonable. This heuristics goes side by side
>with the Live range splitting across the Loop boundary.
>On top of this heuristics, after the Live range splitting across the
>Loop boundary there interference graph is not colorable
>then we can assign some of the  splitted live ranges in the memory
>giving chances of registers  for the Live ranges(allocno) 
>that spans the Loop and have reference inside the Loop.
>We can change the cost of allocno in memory based on the above
>heuristics and take the above factor into consideration 
>for the cost calculation.
>Thoughts Please?

How can this result in better allocations if you only ever spill at life-range split points? The life-range covering the loop should already be assigned to memory if required.


>Thanks & Regards

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